The Club had a leading role in the highly successful 2017 District Conference that just concluded at the Tarrytown House on Saturday 8 April.  14 of the 40 members of the Club were in attendance.  The Club sponsored the Annual Paul Harris Lunch honoring Paul Harris Fellows and Major Donors. 
Rotary International President John Germ's Representative Kanayo Rupwani was the keynote speaker, who said it is important for Rotary to change with the times.  It was only in 1989 pursuant to a US Supreme Court decision that Rotary admitted women.  That made Rotary representative of the world population.  And now it is time to involve and engage millenials within Rotary.  "It is not enough to be in Rotary", Rupi Rupwani said, "Rotary must be in your hearts."
District Governor Lora Hugelmeyer, presenting Club performance awards, said the District has seen a resurgence in service activities.  Our Club received awards - for being among the top fund-raising clubs,  for being a Club with a high percentage of increase in membership and for being a sponsor of the Paul Harris Lunch.  Commending the Club DG Hugelmeyer said commitment by Club leadership is only one part of the equation and the larger part is the commitment of the team.  In his introductory remarks at the Paul Harris Lunch, President Mahbub Ahmad highlighted the activities of our Club from raising funds to end Polio and handicapped children, to providing scholarships and community grants, to sponsoring building of sanitary toilets for women and girls in rural Bangladesh.
The Club video was screened as part of the panel discussion on engaging and retaining members,  There were innovative discussions on engaging millenials, developing and enhancing public image and awareness.
The House of Friendship was where Club Members from across the district expressed their "Rotary Moments".  A prominent feature of the wall was the Rotary Moment of our Club Foundation Chair, Bina Ahmad.
Here is a photo montage of the 2017 District Conference