All First Graders in Yonkers Public Schools will be receiving pencils, courtesy of the Rotary Club of Yonkers-East Yonkers.  This school year there are 77 First Grade Classrooms with 2,064 students.  Each of the Classrooms will be getting a box of pencils.  In all, nearly 5,500 pencils will be given out.
Club volunteers have been distributing pencils to First Graders for many years as part of it's education assistance program.  The colorful pencils have a special appeal for the youngsters, while teachers have appreciated the gesture.  In some of the schools, the teachers have been purchasing the pencils themselves for the students.
In a letter to teachers, accompanying the box of pencils, Club President Mahbub Ahmad said, "Rotary is a service organization that supports many community projects in Yonkers, including recognizing the Yonkers Public Schools 'Administrator of the Year'.  With all the financial stress that the school system and families are experiencing these days, we wanted to help you and the parents of your students provide school supplies to your students."